Flame shooting Pyro-Trombone on UT Campus

Flame shooting Pyro-Trombone on UT Campus


About the Pyro-Trombone

AUSTIN, TX. April 22, 2015. A flame throwing trombone is seen playing at The University of Texas at Austin. Valentin Guerin is a student at The University of Texas at Austin who designed and owns the patent to the Pyro-Trombone. As seen in the video this unique trombone is capable of shooting flames while being played.The performance was accompanied by the UT Trombone Octet. The UT Alcalde has a full write-up of the event here

About the video

There were roughly 5 different takes of this performance. We used two cameras, one front and center on a low tripod and the other on a shoulder mount. As the perfomance advanced we continued to move around to capture every shot and angle.

Article links:Fox7 The AlcaldeClassical MPR, Horn Raiser, Austin.com, Grandpa Z, BSO Stories, Free News Pro

Contact info

Pyro-Trombone musican: Valentin Guerin:

Email: trombone@valentin-guerin.fr

Website: http://www.valentin-guerin.fr

Video production: Leon Richard of 7L Studios:
Email: Leon@7LStudios.com
Website: http://www.7LStudios.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/7LStudios

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