Misti Senior Portraits at the Austin Graffiti Park

Misti Senior Portraits at the Austin Graffiti Park

Our client wanted to take hip outdoor portraits so we took her senior portraits at the Austin Graffiti Park. Like usual we went about 1.5hrs before sunset to get optimal lighting. The Austin Graffiti Park is one of many high attraction areas of Austin so we expected some difficulty composing shots without subjects in the back and foreground. This task was more difficult than normal for this particular session. A large photography school was present when we arrived to the location. At first the assumption was that multiple people were interested in taken professional photos at this location, but once the coordinator yelled for the school to leave about halfway into the session, it all made since why the park was more crowded than usual. We had fun climbing to the top of the park and getting to know one another, a key element for any ssession.The Austin Graffiti Park is frequently updated with new arts making it a contantly fresh location to shoot. Our photos were taken in January 2015. We hope you enjoy these photos from the park below.

Photo Tips For Austin Graffiti Park:

  • Arrive early (Parking is competitive and not ideal)
  • Make sure your photographer has reflectors (External lights are not ideal for carrying around
  • Minimize cars taken
  • Stay friendly and politely ask people to move as you compose your shots
  • Move fast. Not only are others waiting to take photos exactly where you are, people are likely to accidently walk into your shot
  • Have Fun

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